What We Do

Title Examinations

At Trinity Title, we understand that obtaining a clear and free title is paramount to the success of your commercial real estate transaction. We provide thorough title examinations – and have done so since 1981 – to ensure you’re fully covered when buying or selling commercial property. While we also provide residential title examinations, our niche is the commercial sector, and we have decades of experience catering to these clients.

We provide a full, detailed examination of all public records that have any bearing on the real estate title, and we seek out and identify any discrepancies, oversights or variances that could negatively affect your property transfer. Former deeds, trusts, wills and any other possible claims are closely reviewed, and our experienced attorneys and examiners ensure that the property is debt free.

As a trusted Atlanta title examination company, our ultimate goal is to provide you with security, peace of mind and a flawless commercial real estate transaction.

Title Insurance

While Trinity Title’s searches and examinations are done with the utmost care and attention to detail, we understand that human error is always a possibility. It’s nearly impossible to guarantee that, in the past, there were no title hazards or oversights left unchecked. Public record isn’t perfect, so it’s recommended – if not required – that you procure additional title insurance.

Typically, it can be obtained with a one-time payment due at closing, and most often this financial responsibility falls to the commercial real estate buyer. Title insurance provides you with additional protection should the property have any liens or claims on it that were not realized during search and examination. It also secures your right as the buyer to resale or transfer the property at a later date. Not all hazards are covered with title insurance, however. Easement issues, mineral rights and air rights, for example, are often excluded.

At Trinity Title, we’ll walk you through the title insurance process and ensure you understand the details therein before you make the purchase.

Escrow Agent Services

Buying or selling commercial real estate requires a substantial transfer of funds, and at Trinity Title, we offer superior escrow agent services to our clients, ensuring this process is seamless and easy to understand. As a neutral third party, we supervise the exchange of funds, closely following all depositor details and instructions. We’re insured to collect funds, hold and disburse funds, and if needed, receipt agreements can be prepared for you.

Having to deal with an outside escrow company can be complicated and time consuming, and because we also provide title searches, title examinations and title insurance assistance in house, we make it easy for our commercial real estate clients to obtain escrow services through us, as well.

If you have questions about any of our title services, commercial or residential, we invite you to contact our experienced team for further information.